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FRENCH DREAM is a luxury, bespoke travel agency, 100% French.

Inspired by French’ rich heritage and fashion chic, all FRENCH DREAM travels are created with sense of luxury and originality in Paris and unique renowned regions.
French Dream is located Spanish border permit to facilitate your travel to Spain.

In Paris as well as in other major French destinations, the travel agency FRENCH DREAM will accompany you 24 hours a day throughout your voyage and all in your own language; we offer top of the range services for a unique travel experience while in France
FRENCH DREAM accompany you 24 hours a day with a guide and an interpreter; it’s a recipe for success. There is a security agent dedicated to assisting with shopping outings in Paris.
Our team reflects the identity of FRENCH DREAM agency. A French and a Chinese guide will accompany you at all times on your bespoke, luxury trip, designed exactly to your needs and to your culture.
Emmanuelle and Li: French and Chinese FRENCH DREAM specialists are at your service. Passionate and creative, they will share with you their love of France and its regions, allowing you to enjoy a one-off, personal and exceptional experience

FRENCH DREAM takes care of all the services (except the purchase of flights) from the moment you touch down in France you will enjoy a personalised reception in your own language.
The requirement for a high quality service as well as our intimate knowledge of each region ensures you will have an exclusive and totally personalised opportunity to discover the gastronomic and cultural heritage of France.

HOTELS : Delight in one of the marvellous hotel,from luxury Spa to state-of-artwork out facility. Ideally situated in the heart of the capital, along the seafront or in the most prestigious spots in the regions of France, each one has been carefully selected and inspected by us.

RESTAURANTS : Guests are offered a host of wonderful dining experiences with the finest restaurants in France, gourmet and proud holder of a Michelin star
SHOPPING : you will receive a VIP welcome and be taken behind the scenes of participating ‘maisons’ who specialise in:
• Jewellery & watches
• Couture & ready to wear fashion
• Shoes & handbags
• Leather and luggage
• Beauty & fragrance

YOUR TRANSFERS : Every transfer has been specially considered with regards to distance and comfort, and transfers are designed to give you the utmost luxury and ease during your trip.

CUSTOMER SERVICE : We are contactable by telephone, email or Skype in Chinese, French or English. Our specialists will contact you directly and personally to discuss and prepare a proposition precisely to meet your needs.

FRENCH DREAM has an in-depth knowledge of all the voyages we offer you, across a range of exclusive themes, to ensure you the very best of French Savoir-Faire.

You will find yourself in a mix of luxury and exquisite delight, whether you are travelling alone, in a couple, with your family or friends, for holidays, business, or a special event like a romantic wedding, our Franco-Chinese experts will take care of you in order that you can live ... The French Dream ...