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After eight months of work, Cartier reopens the doors of his house in the Champs Elysees, at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe. This haven of luxury steeped in history is an invitation to come and discover the pieces of jewelry and fine jewelry which have made the reputation of the brand worldwide.

At the entry, we are unfazed by the two chandeliers of almost five meters high designed by Régis Mathieu . The floor is now adorned with a Versailles parquet floor and an Istrian stone mat set with cabochons matching tones, framed with a gold border. The chic tones are combined with those of the DNA of Cartier - putty, golden white, red, gold - transforming the shop into a space that is both refined and luminous. At the corner of the majestic spiral staircase, we stop to contemplate the famous panther emblem of the house, which adorns the wall. Security, compulsory within such a place, is discreet , even invisible , jewelery and watches are presented in showcases almost levitating.

Guests can admire the different collections flowing through multiple spaces that make up the address of the famous legendary home. A small lounge at the entrance presents the pieces of jewelry and Bridal space allows prospective grooms come and choose the jewelry to symbolize their commitment.